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Note from David: My friend John Bardos asked me to post this guest article on my blog. This is a worthwhile cause and is also of special interested to me since I’m currently living in Vietnam, so please show any support you can.

We travel in order to broaden our horizons, to come into contact with people and places whose differences from us may be both enchanting and disorienting, their commonalities with us a warming reminder of our humanity. When traveling in the developing world, we’re inevitably faced with reminders of our own fortunate lives as we encounter laborers working with improper equipment or children toiling for an infinitesimal hourly wage instead of going to school or playing. Our hearts break for them, but what can we do to help?

human trafficking

Ben Randall had the opportunity to dwell a little longer in such a place while teaching English in northern Vietnam. One of the locals he befriended was girl we’ll call M, then 15 years old. After leaving Vietnam, Ben learned that M had been kidnapped, most likely trafficked across the border in China for forced marriage or work in the sex trade.

To help find M, Ben is delving into the industry of human trafficking, which encompasses a network spanning 161 countries and has trafficked up to 27 million victims, primarily in Southeast Asia. In order to raise awareness about human trafficking, Ben is documenting his journey to find M in a feature-length film.

Please take a moment to watch this video for all of the times you have seen a helpless soul and felt unable to help.

Find out how you can help on ‘The Human, Earth Project’ crowdfunding page.

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