I like scuba diving.

Hi! I’m David Berger from from Austria. Some people say I sound like fellow Austrian Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I’m a traveler gone online marketer.

After surviving military service for the Austrian Armed Forces I went on a backpacking-trip to Southeast Asia. I started in Thailand, where I partied a lot and met some incredible people.

Somehow, I ended up in the Philippines. I haven’t left ever since. After experiencing the best 6 months of my life in Asia, I decided I will do whatever it takes to create location independent online income.

I’m so interested in¬†online niche marketing because it allows you to take control of your time and earn anywhere.¬†Follow me on my journey. I’ll share all my findings with you so you can do it too.

One of my biggest passions in life is scuba-diving. Thanks to my travels in Asia I was lucky enough to see whale-sharks, manta-rays, tresher sharks and Japanese WWII wrecks.

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