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Over the last weeks, I came across a few great posts that all relate to SEO. Time for an “Awesome Posts You Should Check Out”-roundup, SEO edition.

Affiliate SEO: How Websites Are Ranking in The Most Profitable Niches

by Glen Allsopp from Viperchill.com

Would you believe there’s a top ranking site in a niche with over 300,000 searches per month which only has 4 pages and spams forums for links?

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In this epic post, Glen analyzed top-ranking sites in highly-profitable niches. The most surprising revelation is that sites with only a few pages of content and thousands of spammy backlinks from forum-profiles still tend to work extremely well, even for high-competition keywords. Google’s still easy to manipulate.

With some hyper-intelligent people working on Google’s algorithm, my guess is that this is going to change over the next couple of years. I’m sure that Google will put even more emphasis on relevant, quality backlinks then on sheer numbers.

Glen’s results also show the importance of “Domain Age”. If you go for smaller niches like I describe here, you can probably rank within 1-2 months with a new domain. Going for more popular keywords, however, is a long-term-strategy. Most of the top ranking websites are at least a few years old.

Your Market is Smaller Than You Think

by Rob Walling from Software by Rob

The thing is, the Google AdWords Keyword Tool is wrought with land mines.

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Rob lists four common mistakes that entrepreneurs make when using the Google Keyword Tool. It’s too easy to overestimate your market size when using the Google Keyword Tool in the wrong way.

It may suck when your new 5-page affiliate site doesn’t get as much traffic as you hoped for. What really sucks is when you don’t create a cheap and dirty affiliate site, but develop a proper product like software or hard goods and find out that your market is only 1/3 of the size you believed.

Article Spinning: The Bane of the Literate Web?

by Jason from 67dollars.com

[…] Google’s algorithm for detecting duplicate content is flawed and because of that, countless people take advantage by flooding the web with what is technically “duplicate content” that has been thrown into a blender and torn apart.

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Jason makes an argument on how article-spinning pollutes the web with low-quality content. He believes that quality, hand-written articles will provide a better Return of Investment.

I agree that article spinning might not be the way to go if you create content for humans. However, many people spin articles just to post them to link-wheels or article directories for the backlink. My spun articles are not even intended to be read by humans. If someone finds the article by accident and clicks through to my site – fine, if not, I don’t care.

We will see how Google’s algorithm changes over the next years – maybe they figure out a way to discount the value of backlinks from spun articles. But for now, article spinning is effective. Personally, I don’t care about ethics, morale or polluting the web. That’s why I will keep using article-spinners.

1 Million Links in a Day – My SEO Experiment

by Domain Magnate

I did a very interesting experiment last month. I purchased a link spot at a large private network of sites, which has millions of pages and sites indexed.

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This resulted in receiving millions of backlinks pointing to one single domain over night.

Immediately after the massive amount of backlinks was indexed, the domain dropped in rankings (the “Google Dance”). 2,5 weeks later, the rankings are now back to where they initially were.

I’m curious if there will be any changes in the future. The rankings could easily remain stable now, which would confirm my assumption: Massive backlinking like this leads to discounting the value of those spammy backlinks. The site doesn’t get penalized (the initial drop in rankings was just Google Dance), but Google is able to detect the low value of those links and they don’t help your search rankings.

THE Backlinking Strategy That Works

by Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome.com

Ever since the niche site I created for the Niche Site Duel started to rapidly climb the ranks of Google, eventually landing on the number one position, people have been asking me for more detail about my strategy and the software and tools that I’ve been using to help.

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Pat explains very in-depth which backlinking strategy he employed to rank #1 in Google with a brand new site for the keyword “Security Guard Training”. Basically, he utilizes 2 layers of backlinks.

The first layer of backlinks consists of spun articles that are posted at some major article directories and Web 2.0 properties and Blogs.

The second layer of backlinks points to the 1st layer and consists of thousands of kinda spammy backlinks from smaller article directories and social media sites.


That’s it for this edition of the “Awesome Posts You Should Check Out”-roundup. Thanks for reading. Be sure to check out those articles if you haven’t already.

Did you recently find any other great SEO posts that I didn’t mention?

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