Transform Your Knowledge Into A Business Action Plan – With The James Bond of Business Intelligence: David Crandall

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If you’ve been reading a lot about starting a business and marketing (like everyone in this niche) but are not really sure on how to pull everything together, David Crandall is somebody you should be listening to. David is a Business Intelligence specialist that helps both Fortune 500 companies and small business owners in improving their business.

I’ve known David for a few months now. Some of the most important people in this niche call him a baller. Whenever he is mentioned on a popular Podcast, his name is followed by a “ka-ching” sound effect.

David just released his product EXTRACT | TRANSFORM | LOAD: The Power of YOU. Check it out here.

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What follows is an interview with David Crandall on how you can utilize Business Intelligence for your business.

David Berger: Hello David. Can you tell us who you are and what you are about?

David Crandall: My name is David Crandall and I’ve worked in the field of Business Intelligence for the better part of the past decade. My clients are typically large corporations (some of which are Fortune 500 companies) which hire me to help them analyze and make sense of their large volumes of data. I’ve saved many of these companies MILLIONS of dollars on a yearly basis and create systems that enable them to make better business decisions.

While I still work in that industry, I’m currently turning my attention to the entrepreneur and small business owner community to help them make the same types of intelligent decisions.

David Berger: What’s Business Intelligence? Does it have to do with James Bond and the MI6?

David Crandall: Business Intelligence is the analysis of data to help you make better decisions. For large corporations, this often involves aggregating millions of rows of data to find trends and outliers.

Regarding Mi6, I am unable to disclose the full nature of my relationship with them at this point in time.

David Berger: What can Business Intelligence do for the average entrepreneur or online business guy?

David Crandall: The average entrepreneur is often a jack of all trades and carries the weight of the business on his shoulders. Factoring in the concept that they would need to be an expert in every area of their business (as well as unaffected by stress) in order to make the best decisions possible, it becomes clear why creating automated processes can be a huge benefit. Many people online use tools like Google Analytics to track numbers that relate to their business.

Business Intelligence takes it a step farther and helps to draw conclusions based on things more than just traffic count.

Gut instinct still has its place with the average entrepreneur, but should be reserved for when quick decisions are necessary. How much better is it to be able to plan ahead and base decisions on quantifiable factors!

For example, if you were to split test a sales page with two different headers and compare the results, it gives you the opportunity to try multiple options to see which one is best. Without the testing, you’d be left to try and figure out whether or not a decision had merit or if you had merely gotten lucky.

David Berger: What’s the #1 mistake that online entrepreneurs make that could be prevented by proper Business Intelligence?

David Crandall: The number one mistake that I see online entrepreneurs make is information gluttony. With so much information so readily available, many people just sit in front of their computer like it is a buffet and consume information all day long while never actually putting any of it to use.

The problem is that a lot of that information is conflicting because the writers have not done any kind of analysis on their results but often just write from the perspective of “I was doing this when I became successful, therefore it must have been a factor of my success”. (No one ever credits luck in those situations, btw!)

The biggest problem with information gluttony is that people become paralyzed and can’t decide where to actually start. They know A LOT but have not experienced the information first hand. Therefore, a lot of people become walking encyclopedias on business and marketing, but never make a dime online.

I’ve talked with a lot of people from varied backgrounds and locations since sticking my head into the online entrepreneur community. I was surprised to discover that even the people who have yet to make a single cent online often know way more about business than the average person offline. However, since there has never been a time when they put that knowledge to the test, they are only able to recite it but have little to no confidence in their own abilities.

David Berger: You just launched your product, EXTRACT | TRANSFORM | LOAD. Can you tell us more about it?

David Crandall: EXTRACT | TRANSFORM | LOAD is the name of the product which I’ve taken directly from a common term used in Business Intelligence. Put simply, it is the process of extracting data from one location, transforming it into something useful, and loading it back into the same or a different system for use.

The product’s aim is to perform that same procedure, but instead of extracting the data from a computer database, the data comes form the user’s mind. The goal is to help them wade through the mountains of data in their mind and find the pieces that are most useful to them and their ideal business.

David Berger: That sounds great. What’s the main difference between your product and all the other products out there that try to jumpstart a person’s online business endeavors?

David Crandall: Unlike almost every other course in the information and entrepreneurial markets, this course is not based on a downloadable file. There is no PDF ebook and no audio or video files. The entire course is done online through a question and answer system that stores the users information and then transforms it into a meaningful format for them to then act upon.

The focus is on what the user knows as opposed to being a textbook of what I know. The teaching is done through questions and then presenting the responses back to the user.

David Berger: Who would profit most from EXTRACT | TRANSFORM | LOAD?

David Crandall: This is for the entrepreneur who has decided to do business online. While it could be used for people doing offline business, I think online savvy people will have more knowledge to pull from.

I would also say that this is for the person who knows a lot but is stuck in a dip regarding their business. They’ve researched until they are blue in the face but just can’t figure out where to go to move forward.

David Berger: Is there anybody who would not profit from purchasing your course?

David Crandall: I’d love to say everyone and then have a massive rush to sign up, but honestly this is NOT for everyone.

I would say that people who are looking to consume information (like other ebooks and courses) need not apply. The goal is not to transfer loads of information from my brain to theirs but rather for them to understand what they already know.

I’d also say that this is not for people who are unwilling to act on what they’ve learned. At each point along the way of the course, there are action steps that are necessary to take to see results.

Somebody who doesn’t want to take action should not sign up.

David Berger: What are the main benefits for somebody who will purchase your course and go through it?

David Crandall: I often tell people “You know stuff other people want to know”. Strangely enough, I think we often want to know things only to find out that we already did…they were just buried under a mountain of useless facts.

The goal of this course is to help people move those useless facts out of the way so that when they are done, where a bunch of disconnected information had previously been, they will see a very clear and concise business action plan 100% customized to them and their ideal business.

David Berger: Thanks for the interview.


(Again, I have a special bonus for anybody who buys from my affiliate link: You get a report called “Cold Beer, Fast Internet & No Snow: How To Live Like A King In The Philippines” as a gift*.)

EXTRACT | TRANSFORM | LOAD is a four week long course that helps you discover & transform your knowledge (you know way more than you think) into a concise business action plan. It comes with a 30 day, rock-solid, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

Update: Registration for the course is closed now.

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David Crandall December 13, 2010 at 6:23 pm

David, thanks for a great interview! You asked fantastic questions that really help reveal the motivation behind my product. I’m looking forward to how it can help your readers.

I’m also looking forward to this Beer, Internet & No Snow product! Talk about Bad Ass!!


David December 14, 2010 at 2:37 pm

Thanks for your comment. Your product looks really good.


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