How I Left My Job And Started To Live A Life Of Adventure And Travel (and you can too!) + Location Rebel Review

It’s incredible how much my life changed over the last few years. Exactly two years ago I was crawling through the mud, enduring my basic military training as a new recruit. Austria is one of the last Western countries that still has compulsory military service. I was having 16 hour days and frequent night-shifts.

In the army

Today I’m sitting in a nipa hut, right next to a huge pool and surrounded by palm trees. I’m hanging out at our villa in Bali, Indonesia. The beach is only 5 minutes away and the weather is warm (but not too hot).

Over the last 6 months, I’ve been traveling (or living in) Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Czech Republic and Austria. I’ve been on the road for 1.5 years. I genuinely believe that I had more fun within those 1.5 years than the average person in his or her life-time.

Boracay, Philippines

Prague, Czech Republic

How did I get here? I identified the 3 reasons that are responsible for my success.

1. I had balls

One snowy day in February 2010 I pushed through my comfort zone and bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok, Thailand.

At that point, I’ve never been outside of Austria for more than 2 weeks. I’ve never travelled alone. I didn’t have a business. I didn’t buy a return ticket.

The closer I got to departure day, the more uncertainty I felt. My relatives and friends started to freak out. I freaked out. I did it anyway.

(Note: I had a couple thousand Euros in the bank. If you are broke, build a business first and then travel.)

2. I had real skills

Two months into my trip I got a gig. What started as working 2-3 hours a day for food, beer and accommodation at a resort turned into a full-on contracting gig.

My IT/software development background was a huge asset. Having a couple of websites up and running and possessing SEO and social media marketing knowledge was helpful too.

If it weren’t for my skills, I would have gone home after 6 months once my money ran out (like EVERY other backpacker I know).

There are tons of online marketers who want you to buy their “proven system” that is simple enough that even idiots can make money by only pushing a button. These systems don’t work. Having real, marketable skills will be your key to success.

3. I surrounded myself with other successful entrepreneurs

The amount of advice, inspiration and help that I’ve received from my entrepreneurial friends is incredible.

There’s a saying that you’re the average of your 5 best friends. It is true. Hanging out with other successful businessmen was a game-changer. My thoughts, behavior and attitude changed entirely.

All 4 of my current roommates are successful online entrepreneurs. One of them is Sean Ogle. Sean does SEO consulting, has some very profitable photography niche-sites and is a popular blogger. His transition was similar to mine. He quit his job, learned skills that other people were willing to pay for and surrounded himself with mentors and other entrepreneurs.

Sean spent the better part of the last couple of months working on his product, Location Rebel. Location Rebel’s premise is to be a framework that teaches you everything you need to work from anywhere and quit your job.

Location Rebel Review

Over the last few days I spent a lot of time getting to know Sean Ogle (we just met 4 days ago here in Bali). He gave me access to Location Rebel. To be honest, I was blown away.

While I expected a high quality product from Sean, this is a lot better than expected.

The reason that Location Rebel is so good is that it covers all three factors that were responsible for my success.

1. Overcoming Fear

A section of the course is devoted to overcoming your fear. Furthermore, you’ll find support from group of like-minded people in the forums that are going through the same things that you are.

2. Learning Real Skills

A huge part of Location Rebel are 8 case studies of successful location independent entrepreneurs. Their professions range from Copywriting to SEO and web development.

Each case study teaches you how to learn the skills, how to find clients and portrays the lifestyle of someone who makes money using these skills.

3. Surrounding yourself with other entrepreneurs

Location Rebel includes guides on networking, finding mentors and a forum. Having a place to hang out with people going through similar lifestyle changes is priceless.

I’m active in the forums myself.

One of my favorite things about Location Rebel is its interactivity. After reading (or watching/listening to) a piece of content, you’ll have to fill out a questionnaire.
This forces you to think and reflect instead of just mindlessly consuming the information thus improves the learning experience.

Bottom line

The whole course is very well written includes tons of audio and video, and is full of great content.

In my opinion, Location Rebel is NOT for you if you

  • Already have a very marketable skill (e.g. being able to program iPhone apps) and know how to get clients.
  • Already quit your job and are self-employed.

Location Rebel is for you if you if you

  • Want to be an entrepreneur but don’t know where to start.
  • Want to quit your job.
  • Want to travel the world while making money from your laptop.

The bottom line is that Location Rebel is the product that I wish I had when I first got started on my journey. You will learn the right mindset and the right skills to quit your job and improve your life – whether you want to live in Thailand or work from home to spend more time with your family.

Location Rebel will launch Tuesday morning. Be sure to head over to the Location Rebel website to check out some free videos and PDFs in the mean time.

This post contains affiliate links. I thoroughly believe in Location Rebel, that’s why I reviewed it here. It’s one of the few products out there that I fell comfortable promoting.

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Nick September 12, 2011 at 11:06 pm

so true Dave…. thats why i follow you and other tmbas on twitter and listen to other like minded people…. you are the sum of the books you read and the people you hang around with… so i did a lot of changes in 3 months going from nudie mags to business, SEO, Marketing and other books, LBP and other podcasts, and generally following people like you guys via twitter and your blogs. Im even taking advice from Baker at Man v Debt and selling all my shit i dont use to lower debt and get me in a position to get on a freakin plane and come join the fun with you guys…cheers dave


David September 13, 2011 at 1:42 am

Thanks for your reply, Nick.

That’s awesome. Selling your shit, educating yourself and surrounding yourself with other successful people. Looking forward to meet you eventually.



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