Partying hard on Ko Phi Phi – free alcohol

There’s something about Ko Phi Phi, the Island where “The Beach” was cast. Nobody seems to just find it “OK”. Ko Phi Phi seems to be one of the places that you either love or hate. I love Ko Phi Phi.


The island itself (actually, there are 2 islands), especially the smaller one where “The Beach” was made is really beautiful. On the other hand, the town is not so nice and consists only out of restaurants, hotels, shops and bars – it is very touristy.


Maya Bay from “The Beach”

I went on a day trip to the smaller island to swim and snorkel there, which was awesome. (You can’t stay on the smaller island.)


I love buckets

So what kept me for 5 days in Ko Phi Phi? The nightlife. There are a few beach bars that try to outdo each other, so they give away free buckets (containing rum/vodka and coke/sprite). E.g. Bar 1 gives away the bucket from 9.20-9.30, the next bar gives them away from 9.30-9:40. You just collect the flyers that are handed out at the street and collect the buckets. Voila, you are now drunk and did not pay anything. I went out each evening with all the people from my dorm and everybody partied like crazy.


I love buckets II

I would recommend staying in a dorm to meet lots of people to party and hang out with. It is also the cheapest alternative.

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