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SEO is truly a mystical, magical land. Nobody knows what exactly is going on behind its closed borders. Naturally, a lot of people start dreaming up the wildest things, including Fairies and Orcs singing and dancing “Kumbaya” together.

Besides a few chosen ones working at Google an its little cousins Yahoo and Bing, nobody knows exactly how search engines rank their results. Through years of experience, watching search engines and rigorous testing, SEO experts have uncovered most of the search engines’ ranking factors.

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I have a free tool for your niche marketing toolkit today.

Over the last weeks, I’ve been constantly doing keyword research for new niches to explore. One thing that became kinda annoying over time is to calculate the estimated profits of a new site every time in my head.

My calculator tells you what profits to expect if you rank #1 for your keyword. All you need to fill in is the monthly search volume, the estimated CTR and conversion rate and your commission.

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Post image for Case Study: Ranking #2 in Google Means Being the First Loser (61.1% Less Traffic)

Recently, I had one of my niche sites jump to #1 in Google for my target Keyword.

After reaching #1, my site is currently fluctuating between #1 and #2 which leads to dramatic impacts on traffic that I want to share with you.

My stats show that ranking #2 leads to up to 61.1% less traffic than ranking #1.
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Over the last weeks, I came across a few great posts that all relate to SEO. Time for an “Awesome Posts You Should Check Out”-roundup, SEO edition.

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