While vagabonding around the globe, my path is paved with cultural misunderstandings and language barriers. The following story is a good example.

This Valentine’s day, I arranged a date with a local Thai girl.

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I’m writing this in Doha, Qatar as I wait for my connecting flight to Vienna, Austria. Gotta wait 9 hours, but at least I got free dinner at the airport + there’s a designated room to sleep here. As of posting, I’ve already been spending 3 days in Austria.

(Click here if you can’t see the video: Last Day in the Philippines.)

8 months ago, I hopped on a plane with a one way ticket to Thailand. I had no clear plan what the future will bring. All I knew is that I wanted to see the world. In retrospect, taking that risk and buying that one-way ticket was the best decision of my life.

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Hi everyone!

Some time passed by since my last update. So what happened? Here is a rough overview, more detailed posts about some of the places I have been to will follow.

After Ko Phi Phi I changed my travel plans completely. No Full Moon Party for now, instead I crossed the border to Malaysia where I spent more than a week at the wonderful Perhentian Islands. My days consisted of scuba diving, snorkelling and relaxing.

Next was Taman Negara, a national park in the jungle of Malaysia. Unfortunately I got food poisoning (including chills and strong fever) while spending a night in the jungle away from all civilization. The time there was my worst time travelling so far (ironically, I got sick a day before I wanted to write a post about how awesome everything is).

After getting well a few days later I spent 2 days in Kuala Lumpur and 3 days in Singapore. I was fortunate enough to couchsurf at both places, ending up at very luxurious appartements both times =).

Afterwards I flew to the Philippines(Cebu) and took the ferry to Bohol where I have visited the Chocolate Hills, seen Tarsiers (animals that look like small aliens) and dived at some amazing dive sites. Also, my netbook screen broke.

I hope to get my screen fixed, I prefer my own computer over internet cafe’s.


Yeah, another sunset. But it is so beautiful =)

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There’s something about Ko Phi Phi, the Island where “The Beach” was cast. Nobody seems to just find it “OK”. Ko Phi Phi seems to be one of the places that you either love or hate. I love Ko Phi Phi.


The island itself (actually, there are 2 islands), especially the smaller one where “The Beach” was made is really beautiful. On the other hand, the town is not so nice and consists only out of restaurants, hotels, shops and bars – it is very touristy.


Maya Bay from “The Beach”

I went on a day trip to the smaller island to swim and snorkel there, which was awesome. (You can’t stay on the smaller island.)


I love buckets

So what kept me for 5 days in Ko Phi Phi? The nightlife. There are a few beach bars that try to outdo each other, so they give away free buckets (containing rum/vodka and coke/sprite). E.g. Bar 1 gives away the bucket from 9.20-9.30, the next bar gives them away from 9.30-9:40. You just collect the flyers that are handed out at the street and collect the buckets. Voila, you are now drunk and did not pay anything. I went out each evening with all the people from my dorm and everybody partied like crazy.


I love buckets II

I would recommend staying in a dorm to meet lots of people to party and hang out with. It is also the cheapest alternative.


Thanks again to everybody who has participated. There were some really awesome and creative entries. I was even thinking about declaring 2 winners, but my travel-budget is tight enough ;).

The lucky man who wins 500,000 Vietnamese Dong – that’ about 6,5 kg of dog meat – is Sean from Sean betted me to do the following:

I’d love to challenge you to eat one of the massive cockroaches or scorpians that you can find on any street corner on Khao San in Bangkok, yet that seems a little too generic.

So rather than do any of those things, I think you should head down to Nana in Bangkok with a shirt on that says “I want to have sex tonight”, written in Thai on both the front and back of your shirt. You need to sit for 1 hour at a street bar of my choosing, by yourself between 11pm to 12am.

Then blog about all of the comments, looks and crazy things that happened to you during that time period.

For those who don’t know: Nana is Bangkok’s redlight district. Also, Sean suggested that I buy him a few drinks after I completed the bet instead of sending him the money. I gladly accepted. Good times will be had =)

Update: Due to political unrest, I didn’t make it to Bangkok and Sean lives in Portland right now. I will pay my dues at some point.


Rock & Fire

During my stay in Tonsai and Railay Beach near Krabi, the annual Krabi Rock & Fire Festival took place. The following picture was taken during the final of the fireshow-contest. A tree served as a tripod.

If anybody is interested in the technical details of a photo, just leave a comment.

Nok (my Couchsufing hostess) and I visit Patong, the party- and redlight-district of Phuket.

The first stop is a motorbike-show that is taking place.

The redlight-district

Off to the redlight-district. The gogo-bars (or bordellos) exceed all imagination. Even though I’m here with a girl I get feeled up all the time. Some hookers even take my arm and don’t let go. I can’t imagine how they would have behaved if I came alone.

You like those girls? Haha, those are ladyboys.

There are a lot of ladyboys in Patong. Whoever decides on the wrong “girl“ will experience woe.

At first, I had a hard time to differentiate between normal girls and ladyboys. After a few minutes (and with Nok’s help) I found some distinctive features.

The following are good candidates for ladyboys:

  • Every girl that is a bit taller than average
  • Every girl that has the slightest masculine facial features
  • Most girls with boobs larger than average
  • The most beautiful girls

On the way home one tire of Nok’s moped-tire burst. I hope that my added weight was not the cause. We take some Tuk-Tuk-taxi home.


I’m standing alone at Phuket Airport and feel confused. Multiple Thais are trying to sell me some Taxi rides. I just found out on the plane that Phuket is pretty large for an island.

What will I do in Phuket? And where will I sleep? I have a plan: A girl on Couchsurfing sent me an email. I could call her if she is not working and she could pick me up from a mall and let me sleep at her place.

So I get a Taxi to Big C Mall. Big C is huge, has 4 floors and Thais are swarming everywhere. After half an hour full of misunderstandings I manage to buy a Thai Sim-card.

The moment of truth approaches. Will she take the call? What if she is working?

I’m lucky. She takes off and picks me up ten minutes later with her motor scooter. The scooter ride is adventurous, red traffic-lights are consequently ignored.

Nok and me

The apartment is small but mighty and Nok, my host, is unbelievably friendly.

Later that evening we go out for dinner and visit Patong, the party- and redlight-district of Phuket. More on that in a later post.

On next morning our paths part. Nok is going to North Thailand to visit her Family, I’m going to Khao Lak for scuba diving. Thanks for the hospitality and the great time, Nok. This definitly wasn’t my last time Couchsurfing.


With this  post, I’m starting a new series. Every once in a while I will post one picture I took on my journey that I really like.

This first image shows the twilight over an island (I forgot the name) somewhere in the Similan Islands National Park. The shown island is awesome because it is still 100% natural and there are no humans on it. After the sunset we even had an awesome night dive at this site.

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