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I’m writing this in Doha, Qatar as I wait for my connecting flight to Vienna, Austria. Gotta wait 9 hours, but at least I got free dinner at the airport + there’s a designated room to sleep here. As of posting, I’ve already been spending 3 days in Austria.

(Click here if you can’t see the video: Last Day in the Philippines.)

8 months ago, I hopped on a plane with a one way ticket to Thailand. I had no clear plan what the future will bring. All I knew is that I wanted to see the world. In retrospect, taking that risk and buying that one-way ticket was the best decision of my life.

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I proudly present my 1st video post. In this video, I tell you what I love about the Philippines. I even managed to not mention the hot Filipina girls. Ooops, I never said that. =)

I have been traveling the Philippines for 1 months and will stay for at least another 3 months to work with TropicalMBA.

  • More than 7100 tropical islands
  • Friendly people
  • Scuba diving
  • English skills of locals
  • Everything is cheap

PS: I shot the video in really bad light conditions with my iPhone, hence the quality.


I did not post as many updates as I wanted to on this blog (especially over the last few weeks). But don’t worry, this is about to change.

I applied for the Second Semester of TropicalMBA and am happy to announce that I was chosen. Basically, I will live on Mindoro, an island in the Philippines, for the next months and will work on some Internet projects with Dan. If you are interested in Internet businesses, make sure to check out Dan’s awesome LifestyleBusinessPodcast.

Besides working with Dan, I will have plenty of time to focus on my own projects. LiveLifeBig is one of them, so you can expect lots of posts about my adventures in Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. I will also start to write about (online) businesses and Lifestyle Design.