The Redlight-District of Patong and Findings about Ladyboys

Nok (my Couchsufing hostess) and I visit Patong, the party- and redlight-district of Phuket.

The first stop is a motorbike-show that is taking place.

The redlight-district

Off to the redlight-district. The gogo-bars (or bordellos) exceed all imagination. Even though I’m here with a girl I get feeled up all the time. Some hookers even take my arm and don’t let go. I can’t imagine how they would have behaved if I came alone.

You like those girls? Haha, those are ladyboys.

There are a lot of ladyboys in Patong. Whoever decides on the wrong “girl“ will experience woe.

At first, I had a hard time to differentiate between normal girls and ladyboys. After a few minutes (and with Nok’s help) I found some distinctive features.

The following are good candidates for ladyboys:

  • Every girl that is a bit taller than average
  • Every girl that has the slightest masculine facial features
  • Most girls with boobs larger than average
  • The most beautiful girls

On the way home one tire of Nok’s moped-tire burst. I hope that my added weight was not the cause. We take some Tuk-Tuk-taxi home.

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