Winner of the Challenge Me – Contest announced

Thanks again to everybody who has participated. There were some really awesome and creative entries. I was even thinking about declaring 2 winners, but my travel-budget is tight enough ;).

The lucky man who wins 500,000 Vietnamese Dong – that’ about 6,5 kg of dog meat – is Sean from Sean betted me to do the following:

I’d love to challenge you to eat one of the massive cockroaches or scorpians that you can find on any street corner on Khao San in Bangkok, yet that seems a little too generic.

So rather than do any of those things, I think you should head down to Nana in Bangkok with a shirt on that says “I want to have sex tonight”, written in Thai on both the front and back of your shirt. You need to sit for 1 hour at a street bar of my choosing, by yourself between 11pm to 12am.

Then blog about all of the comments, looks and crazy things that happened to you during that time period.

For those who don’t know: Nana is Bangkok’s redlight district. Also, Sean suggested that I buy him a few drinks after I completed the bet instead of sending him the money. I gladly accepted. Good times will be had =)

Update: Due to political unrest, I didn’t make it to Bangkok and Sean lives in Portland right now. I will pay my dues at some point.

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