Yes, I am still alive – what have I been up to?

Hi everyone!

Some time passed by since my last update. So what happened? Here is a rough overview, more detailed posts about some of the places I have been to will follow.

After Ko Phi Phi I changed my travel plans completely. No Full Moon Party for now, instead I crossed the border to Malaysia where I spent more than a week at the wonderful Perhentian Islands. My days consisted of scuba diving, snorkelling and relaxing.

Next was Taman Negara, a national park in the jungle of Malaysia. Unfortunately I got food poisoning (including chills and strong fever) while spending a night in the jungle away from all civilization. The time there was my worst time travelling so far (ironically, I got sick a day before I wanted to write a post about how awesome everything is).

After getting well a few days later I spent 2 days in Kuala Lumpur and 3 days in Singapore. I was fortunate enough to couchsurf at both places, ending up at very luxurious appartements both times =).

Afterwards I flew to the Philippines(Cebu) and took the ferry to Bohol where I have visited the Chocolate Hills, seen Tarsiers (animals that look like small aliens) and dived at some amazing dive sites. Also, my netbook screen broke.

I hope to get my screen fixed, I prefer my own computer over internet cafe’s.

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